If you want to lookup terms like “XMF”, “Intrinsics” or other abbreviations propagated with the new Paradigm around XModeler you will find some answers below.


What does XOCL stand for?

eXtensible Object Command Language
Intro into XOCL

What is FMMLx?

Flexible Meta-Modeling and Execution Language.
The “x” is an indication for the number of classification levels.
FMMLx extends Xcore to make it level-aware and to allow for intrinsic features.
A multi-level model created with the FMMLx may not only include objects on different levels of classification, but also intrinsic attributes, operations, and associations.

What is the purpose of XMF?

XMF written-out “Executable Meta-Modelling Facility” is a language execution engine.
It features a meta-model, called XCore.
Further XMF allows accessing and modifying its own specification and its run-time system. Every language that is specified in XCore, i. e., that compiles on to XCore, can be executed by XMF.

What does XCore mean?


XMF features a meta-model, called XCore.

FMMLx extends XCore

XCore supports an arbitrary number of classification levels resulting from a universal data representation (everything is an object) and a precise definition of the relationship between a class and its instances.
The classification level of an object has to be determined dynamically – and may change over time.

What is XTools?

XTools provides a suite of languages for modelling or deploying user-interfaces and is integrated in XModeler. It enables you to model your own diagram editors, e.g. in the context of creating a DSML.
An Xtool is then some data together with interfaces for both user and inter-tool interaction.
Since all aspects of tools are modeled, Xtools can be analysed, transformed and deployed.
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What is the purpose of Intrinsics?

Specification for level of instantiation. Applicable to attributes, operations, associations.  
e.g. only the concrete instance (Metalevel 0) has a numerical value for salesPrices

What does ‘Slot Value’ mean?

Instance of attribute
cf. example in “Intrinsics” above

What does ‘Link’ mean in Multilevel Modelling?

Instance of association


Did you hear about MEMO?

Multi-Perspective Enterprise Modelling (U. Frank)

What can you find in the Bluebook?

This is the definitive guide to XMF-Mosaic. This guide is divided into 3 parts.
1. Introduction to XMF-Mosaic & Key Technical Features
2. Overview of XMF-Mosaic’s capabilities through a number of example walkthroughs.
3. The third part provides an in-depth technical manual that covers all aspects of XMF and the languages it is based on.
You will find user-friendly training materials and developer-oriented documentation under Resources.

Did you ever wonder what LE4MM is?

Language Engineering for Multilevel Modelling